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NFT Key 


3D Design and Render

Metaworld is a Metaverse Land NFT Investment Vehicle.

We designed 7 Tiers of NFT's for this project, each representing a different percentage of digital land assets.

Base key design for Tier 7 was the most important in terms of setting the design language for the series of keys needed to be created.

Wanting to maintain a recognisable traditional key shape whilst bringing elements of modern/futuristic touches hinting towards the metaverse.

Taking a modern twist on skeleton keys being ornamental, bringing in modern touches of clean sharp lines, illuminated details and luxurious material finishes.

To define and differentiate the different tiers of the keys, we went with precious stones and metals along with major financial cities of the world, using the iconic city skylines as the teeth of the keys. Creating an emotional link to people of the world to come together in the metaverse. 

As the base key, the aesthetic needed to represent this, whilst looking luxurious at the same time. Using a silver/platinum material finish, with light blue illuminated details and the illuminated Metaworld logos with Singapore’s skyline as the teeth on the base key profile creating a simple but elegant key.

Tier 6 utilises the colours polished gold and copper with yellow illuminated details. Additional details added to this tier apart from the colour changes and different city skyline are; a different bow of the key, the end tip of the key. Also the central detail within the ring section of the key.

Adding a slightly more intricate bow detail with a cut-through and layered version of the original bow. As well as an intricate ring detail in copper inspired by the Vancouver Whitecaps football stadium.

Tier 5 is finished in a green polished anodized titanium finish with gold and emerald stone accents. The combination of green titanium and emerald colours are complimented with slight gold accents to soften the overall outlook of the key. Being the New York key, the green colour also hints at money and wealth as well as the statue of liberty. Being intrinsic connections to the city of New York.

The teeth of the key highlights some of New York’s iconic architecture, from the Empire state building to the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is also implemented into the detail within the centre ring, an interpretation of the crown.

As for the bow detail, there is a simple podium-like structure holding and highlighting an emerald stone.

 Tier 4 is a textured blue titanium finish with silver accent details and sapphire stone elements.

The additional details added to this key take inspiration from the Taipei 101 building, the addition of another ring holding a sapphire is in reference to a circular element on the building and the bow of the key is inspired by the overall profile of the top of the building.

In addition to the implementations of the modern Taipei 101 references. The central ring detail has inspiration from traditional architecture from the Wuji Tianyuan Temple creating a highly intricate pattern.

Tier 3 is heavily inspired by Chinese culture. The colour red in Chinese culture symbolises luck, joy, happiness and is also believed to ward off evil. The colour gold symbolises wealth and prosperity. 

The bow of the key is inspired by perfume bottles and used to highlight one of the Ruby elements of the key. The additional circular details down the blade of the key link to the Oriental Pearl Tower and its spherical elements. As for the central coin-like detail, a pattern element commonly seen in traditional furniture is incorporated around a flower shape which represents a Magnolia, the official flower of Shanghai.

Tier 2 uses a simple overall profile in comparison to the previous tiers evolution. Taking the diamond elements as literal diamonds embellishing the entire blade of the key and also replacing the jewels between the blades with diamond shaped jewels instead. Also keeping the material palette simple with predominantly diamond and silvers with the accent colours representing the spectrum you would see when looking at a diamond. 

Similar to all the other Tiers the teeth of the key is the London skyline highlighting some of London’s iconic architecture. 

The embellished diamond pattern is also representing the pattern of the glass on the Gherkin building adding a new texture to the keys not previously seen.

The central detail for this iteration is an interpretation of the new face to the Big Ben clock tower with the bow detail being the gherkin building with a touch of St. Paul’s Cathedral at the base with a Tudor crown on the tip relating to the royal family.

As the top tier key, the design aesthetics for this version had to have the most visual impact.

Taking inspiration from the moon itself and Marvels’ “Moon Knight” character for the colour palette, the entire key is finished in the texture and colour of the moon using a laser scanned image of the moon for the main body and highlighting colours and materials from Moon Knight.

Physical design elements within this tier that connect with the city of Hong Kong; starting from the bow of the key, we have the peak tower. Moving down through the centre of the key there is a series of moons with an embossed flag of hong kong, and an arrangement of hong kong’s cultural centre buildings around each smaller moons creating a visual metaphor of space stations. The most obvious aesthetic on this tier are the iconic sails of the junk boats.

Continuing the themed teeth for each key, of course this key has the iconic skyline of Hong Kong, including the most iconic skyscrapers.

Finally, Small easter egg details within this key are only visible when looking closely at the central moon, sitting on the surface is a space lander alongside the hong kong flag.

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